CMA Series Chiller


Automatic city water switch over
Remote panel.
Low fluid level alarm.
Auto-fluid make-up.

A Complete Compact Cooling Solution

Medical equipment depends on a reliable source of cooling fluid to maintain operation and avoid overheating. Cooling Technology’s CMA Series chillers are designed for the requirements of brand name medical equipment such as MRIs, CAT and PET scans, GCMS and accelerators.


  1. Highly-efficient Type 316 stainless steel plate evaporator, featuring ridged patterns that are brazed together to form two separate channel systems that allow the refrigerant and fluid to flow in counter directions.
  2. An inline strainer with removable stainless steel screen in the evaporator’s supply line protects it from solids.
  3. High flow, high pressure pumps provide positive turbulent flow while an internal valved water by-pass allows accurate flow rates.
  4. Attractive metal panels reduce sound levels while the recessed quarter-turn latches allow easy maintenance.
  5. The CMA Series features industrial swivel casters.
  6. Meets cooling requirements of: Elekta, Elscint, GE, Marconi, Mitsubishi,  Philips, Picker, Shimadzu, Siemens, Toshiba, Varian, etc.
  7. The CMA Series is constructed with non-ferrous piping to ensure clean process water and a corrosion-free environment.
  8. To monitor and regulate system temperature, the CMA Series uses a digital temperature indicator, high and low pressure switches, low flow sitch and freeze stat.
  9. Precision temperature control is maintained with an electronic temperature controller with ±1°F stability.
  10. Hot gas bypass ensures accurate temperature control and energy savings at partial loads.
  11. A liquid filled pressure gauge offers  reliable pump pressure readings without fluctuations.
  12. An insulated stainless steel tank with sight glass, drain and make-up connection.
Cooling Technology’s easy-to-use standard microprocessor controller offers a wide setpoint temperature range, from -58°F to 194°F.
All Cooling Technology water piping is manufactured with non-ferrous material to ensure clean process water and a corrosion-free environment. Completely insulated with closed cell foam, our design approach conserves energy.
Cooling Technology’s standard safety mechanisms include a high refrigerant pressure relief valve, automatic high and low refrigerant pressure cut-off, and—on the process side—low flow cut-off and freeze protection.
From the best available compressors to our NEMA 4 electrical panels and everything in between, Cooling Technology systems are constructed with quality.
All Cooling Technology chillers are fully-wired, fully-charged, and factory tested under load conditions to ensure easy installation and successful start-up.

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