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Cooling Products

Wide range of cooling products for various industries

Compact Chillers: Air-Cooled

Compact Chillers ideal for environments in which physical space is at a premium.

Compact Chillers: Water-Cooled

Compact Chillers ideal for environments in which physical space is at a premium.

Central Chillers: Air-Cooled

Central chillers with an operating range from -30°F to +65°F, built to command any industrial process cooling application.

Central Chillers: Water-Cooled

central chillers for indoor or outdoor location, features a remote water-cooled shell & tube condenser and can accommodate either an integrated or a remote pump/ tank.

Central Chillers: Evaporative-Cooled

Central chillers for an outdoor location, consumes 25% to 40% less energy, providing the lowest total cost of ownership of any chiller type available.

Dry Fluid Coolers

Dry fluid cooler is a completely sealed system and available from 10,000 BTUs per hour to over 6 million BTUs per hour.

Evaporative Fluid Coolers

Evaporative fluid cooler is ideal for installations where quiet operation is required such as indoors and residential neighborhoods.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers assembled and tested at the factory and available in a variety of configurations with a wide range of options.

Pump/Tank Stations

Pump and tank stations customized for application and location, full-seam welded inside and out, and include a cover.

In-Line and Side-Stream Water Filters

Critical to the successful operation of process cooling systems which are prone to capturing solid particulate from the outdoor air during the evaporation and cooling process.

Open-Loop Process Cooling Systems

Cooling systems engineered for each application and comprised of a cooling tower, pump/tank station and all the necessary piping and controls.

Closed-Loop Process Cooling Systems

Cooling systems custom engineered for each application, far and away the safest method of process cooling.

Temperature Control Units

For water temperatures from 32°F to 550°F, today’s best value for high-quality temperature control.

Specialty Industry Products

From industrial chillers that comply with rigorous food processing industry regulations to high-quality extrusion bath recirculators.

A full-service cooling technology company.

Over the past 35+ years, Cooling Technology has provided innovative solutions to some of the most challenging industrial process cooling problems, delighting more than 2000 customers.

CTI provides Cooling Technology designs, manufactures and services a wide range of products— from standard units to custom systems.

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Refrigeration and Energy Savings With energy consumption at it’s highest levels, Cooling Technology continues to provide innovative process cooling solutions that improve our customer’s bottom line and allows them to take advantage of electric utilities rebates toward the purchase of high efficiency equipment.

Featured Cooling Product

EC Series Central Chillers – Evaporative-Cooled from 50 to 400 Tons

Designed for outdoor location, the EC Series consumes 25% to 40% less energy than air-cooled chillers. Employing a highly-efficient evaporative condenser, the EC Series can accommodate either an integrated or a remote pump/tank.

Learn More about the EC Series.