NCT Series Cooling Tower


Single inlet connection: choose from either side inlet or bottom inlet connections. All piping form the inlet connection to the distribution basins is part of the tower package*.
Distribution basin dam allows significant variations in flow rates while protecting the tower from the disadvantages of poor water distribution—icing, fill scaling and erratic performance. Permits the operator to stage chillers and pumps, and still circulate water efficiently over all cooling tower cells.
Variable speed drive provides the ultimate in temperature control, energy management, sound control and mechanical equipment longevity.
Air inlet screens keep leaves and debris out of the tower with factory-installed, U-edged, galvanized wire mesh screens over the air inlets.
Outdoor motor location.
Stainless steel collection basin.
Stainless steel distribution basins.

NCT Series Cooling Tower

131 to 1300 Tons

Long Life Construction

Assembled and tested at the factory, the NCT Series is available in series 304 stainless steel or rugged G-235 heavy mill galvanized steel and is designed to handle severe wind, seismic events, shipping, operating and live loads.


  1. Removable fan guard with welded heavy gauge rods is hot dip galvanized after fabrication.
  2. Eased inlet fan cylinder ensures full area, low turbulent airflow through the cylinder.
  3. High efficiency fan features a wide-chord design for maximum efficiency at low fan tip speeds.
  4. TEFC fan motor with a 1.15 service factor, variable torque, and specially insulated for cooling tower duty.
  5. A variety of choices of piping connections—single inlet, dual inlet, top, side or bottom inlet,side outlet or bottom outlet.
  6. Gravity flow distribution system allows easy, nonrestrictive maintenance.
  7. Polypropylene nozzles deliver precise distribution of water over the fill area.
  8. Thermoformed PVC film fill with integral louvers keep circulating water confined to fill, even at low air rates.
  9. Drift eliminators limit drift losses to no more than .010% of the design GPM flow rate.
  10. Two large access doors provide  nonconfining, quick visual inspection of cold water basin, internal structure, drift eliminators and mechanical equipment in the plenum area.
  11. Adjustable-pitch fan blades permit maximum utilization of rated horsepower.
Lower Operating Cost
High-efficiency fill and fans, gravity-flow water distribution, and efficient mechanical drive systems work together to offer maximum cooling with minimum power use.
All Season Performance 
The NCT Series performs as specified in the heat of summer—responding well to energy-management techniques in the spring and fall—and operates virtually ice-free in the dead of winter.

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