TC Series Temperature Controller


Stacking rack
Remote control panel
Modulating valve
High temperature alarm
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Technical Specifications

Available from ½ to 3 HP with 4½ to 18 kW Heaters

Cooling Technology’s TC Series Temperature  Controllers are made with the best available components such as premium quality solenoid valves, high flow pumps with leak-resistant silicon carbide seals and rugged incoloy heaters for years of maintenance-free operation.


  1. Minimum use of threaded fittings to prevent leaks.
  2. Electronics protected in separate bay with hinged lid.
  3. Cabinet drawer opens to allow on-spot maintenance.
  4. Attractive stainless steel cabinet.
  5. Industrial swivel casters.


  1. Advanced programmable PID temperature controller
  2. Prevents overshooting set point for accurate control
  3. Auto-tuning at start-up provides +1°F temperature control
  4. Easy-to-read display monitors set point and actual temperature
  5. Industry standard DIN module is a non-proprietary design
  6. Set point easily adjusted
  7. One button start-up cycle features automatic air purge


  1. High temperature cut-off
  2. Low water pressure switch
  3. Pressure relief valve
  4. Fused transformer
  5. Pump motor & heater protection
  6. Non-ferrous water path construction
  7. Non-ferrous non-overloading centrifugal pump with high operating efficiency over a wide range of capacity
  8. Horizontal pump mounting and pump seal flush increases seal life
  9. Large stainless steel tank, insulated to conserve energy and reduce radiated heat
  10. Low watt density Incolloy heater
  11. Make-up water mix at pump suction to extend heater life
  12. Large, easy-to-read liquid filled pressure gauge
  13. Continuous air purging prevents loss of flow
High Quality Temperature Control for Injection Molding
Rated for water temperatures from 32°F to 230°F, Cooling Technology’s TC Series Temperature Controllers provide the best value in the market today.

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