SGF Series Filtration

SGF Series Sand & Gravel Filter

Reduces particulate and debris to maximize cooling efficiency and reduce maintenance and downtime


Water quality is critical to the successful operation of process cooling systems, which are prone to capturing solid particulate from the outdoor air during the evaporation and cooling process.


  1. Side stream removal of suspended solids, 10F and larger.
  2. Flow rates from 67 to 95 gpm.
  3. Differentialpressure-actuated backwash valve. A non-corrosive fiberglass filter tank.
  4. Non-corrosive pump with strainer and PVC piping.
  5. Non-ferrous water path.
  6. Fully-wired and mounted NEMA 4 electrical panel.
  7. Automatic backwash conserves water and can be adjusted to maintain water quality.
  8. If the media become clogged, the filter will automatically backwash to assist in the removal of the clog, then return to filter mode. With Cooling Technology’s SGF Series Sand & Gravel Filters, there is no need for continual maintenance such as cleaning or replacing the filtration media.

Water treatment and filtration products prevent naturally occurring scale and biological growth and remove particulate matter from cooling system water.

In unfiltered water, particulate transfers into the system – and process equipment. Contaminated water plugs heat exchangers, damages solenoid valves, blocks mold passages, fouls heat transfer surfaces and cause a host of process machine malfunctions.

Cooling Technology’s SGF Series Sand & Gravel Filter eliminates the problems associated with dirty process water.

Easy To Install
Simply connect the SGF’s PVC plumbing to your existing open water reservoir, run a power supply to the main connection the proper amperage for either 230-3-60 or 460-3-60 service, fill the tank with filter media and the unit is ready to run.  It is a totally independent system.

Its ability to constantly filter solid particles down to 10 Fin size prevents contamination of process machinery and minimizes maintenance and downtime.

The SGF Series has a basket strainer with removable cover at the inlet.  This design allows easy removal of large particles. 

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