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About Our Central Chillers

Robust & Versatile
From 15 tons to over 300 tons and with an operating range from -20°F to +65°F, Cooling Technology central chillers are built to command any industrial process cooling application – from chemical processing and injection molding to metal finishing.

Durable & Dependable
All Cooling Technology chillers are constructed
with the highest-quality components bolted to a heavy-gauge carbon steel frame primed and painted with acrylic enamel.

Cooling Technology’s easy-to-use standard microprocessor controller offers a wide setpoint temperature.

Clean & Efficient
All Cooling Technology water piping can be manufactured with non-ferrous material to ensure clean process water and a corrosion-free environment. Completely insulated with closed-cell foam, our design approach  conserves energy.

Safety Comes Standard
Cooling Technology’s standard safety mechanisms include a high refrigerant pressure relief valve, automatic high and low refrigerant pressure cut-off, and—on the process side—low flow cut-off and freeze protection.

Quality is Our Custom
From the best available compressors to our NEMA 4 electrical panels and everything in between, Cooling Technology systems are constructed with quality.

Ready To Run
Customized for local weather conditions, all Cooling Technology central chillers are fully-wired, fully-charged, and factory tested under load conditions to ensure easy installation and successful start-up.

Please find below chiller series available

ICA Series

Integrated Air-Cooled Chiller, 15 to 140 Tons

CCA Series

Remote Air-Cooled Chiller, 30 to 140+ Tons

CCW Series

Water-Cooled, 40 to 140 Tons

EC Series

Evaporative-Cooled Chiller, 100 to 300 Tons

MCS Chiller Microcontroller

Rugged Microsoft Windows® Chiller Control