MCS Chiller Microcontroller


The MCS is available with the ChillerPortal communication device for two-way translation between the MCS Chiller Microcontroller and BACnet, LonTalk, Modbus and Johnson N2 protocols. The ChillerPortal is available in EIA-232 (point-to-point), EIA-485 (multidrop or daisy chain) and ARCnet 156K baud over EIA-485.

Rugged Microsoft Windows® Chiller Control

Designed specifically for the hostile process cooling environment and featured as standard component with all of our central chillers and cooling systems , Cooling Technology’s MCS Microcontroller is a rugged microprocessor based programmable controller that keeps the chiller running at its most energy efficient level. 


  1. Anywhere Operation – The MCS’s PC Connect feature provides local or remote adjustment, monitoring and control of the chiller and its fluid temperature set point  through either direct connection or a remote keypad.
  2. Easy to Use, Easy to See – All MCS information is displayed using common terms that are easy to understand.  A large character LCD display that can be seen in bright or dim light.
  3. Measurements •Current capacity status •Current circuit/compressor status •Leaving chilled water temperature •Evaporator pressure of each circuit •Condenser pressure of each circuit •Compressor elapsed run time •Number of compressor starts •Compressor contactor status •Fan on/off status (air-cooled models) •Water flow switch status •External start/stop command status
  4. System Protection •Low suction pressure limiting •High discharge pressure limiting •High motor temperature/over current •Freeze protection •Compressor run error •Power loss •Chilled water flow loss •Sensor error •Pump down and pump out •Anti-recycle •Time delay between stages •Load limiting via compressor current limiting
  5. Other CMC features include:

    » High-speed RS232 and RS485 ports.

    » Multiple authorization levels for system security.
    » Automatic history storage that provides data to a flexible static and dynamic graphing system.
    » Extended temperature range to allow operation from  -40°F to 140°F 
    » A PC control programming download/pullback in only 45 seconds.
    » Simple alarm information that displays the previous 32 alarms.
    » A slope algorithm control function with all analogs read 10 times per second.
    » A proactive compressor protection logic for protecting against low or high discharge pressure.
    » A Microsoft Window® based display.
Quality Is Our Custom
From the best available compressors to our NEMA 4 electrical panels and everything in between, Cooling Technology systems are constructed with quality.
Clean & Efficient
All Cooling Technology water piping can be manufactured with non-ferrous material to ensure clean process water and a corrosion-free environment. Completely insulated with closed-cell foam, our design approach  conserves energy.
Safety Comes Standard
Cooling Technology’s standard safety mechanisms include a high refrigerant pressure relief valve, automatic low refrigerant pressure cut-off, manual high refrigerant pressure cut-off, low flow cut-off and freeze protection.
Ready To Run
Customized for local weather conditions, Cooling Technology central chillers are fully-wired, fully-charged and factory tested under load conditions to ensure easy installation and successful start-up.

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