TCO Series Temperature Controller


Heating or cooling only functions
Increased cooling capacities
Increased pumping capacities
RS-485 communications
Pump Reverse
Audible or visual alarms
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Technical Specifications

High-Temperature Control System to 550°F

Cooling Technology’s TCO Series oil temperature controller is a single-zone oil circulating high temperature control system with heating and cooling capabilities that is suitable for standard operation to 400°F (205°C), with optional capabilities to 550°F.


  1. Convenient upright design
  2. Attractive, heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet
  3. Industrial grade casters
  4. Recessed controls to protect components
  5. Highly visible system status indicators
  6. 1″ NPT process and return connections
  7. 3/4″ NPT water supply and drain connections
  8. 5.5 gallon, baffled expansion/reservoir tank
  9. Y-strainer on return line to keep fluid clean
  10. Heavy duty positive displacement pump
  11. Mechanical pump seals
  12. Flow rates of 10 ~ 24gpm @ 30 ~ 50psi
  13. Low watt density, steel sheath heater element
  14. Shell & tube type heat exchanger for cooling
  15. Process system pressure gauge
  16. Full flow bypass valve
  17. Fused transformer protection
  18. IEC motor starter
  19. Motor overload protection

Controls & Safeties

  1. High temperature safety thermostat
  2. Pressure relief valve on heat exchanger
  3. NEMA 1 electrical specifications
  4. NEC electrical code conformance
  5. UL listed electrical components
  6. Digital, microprocessor based, PID control
  7. Auto-tune feature
  8. Bright, easy-to-read LED display
  9. Approach control of set-point
  10. Set-point “deviation” indication
  11. Lockout feature
  12. Fault indication for sensor failure
  13. Plug-in, interchangeable control outputs

High Quality High Temperature Control

Our use of the highest quality components and a robust design assures a dependable, long lasting, trouble free machine. All components easily accessible for servicing when necessary. 

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