EFC Series Cooler


Stainless steel water basin
Remote sump configuration
Basin heater package
Two-speed motors
EFC Series Evaporative Fluid Cooler
350-3000 gpm
Quiet Operation
The EFC Series Evaporative Fluid Cooler is ideal for installations where quiet operation is required such as for indoor installations, residential neighborhoods and when the unit must handle external static pressure. Employing a forced-draft centrifugal design, the EFC Series is quiet and can easily be hidden.


  1. Low profile design for applications requiring low height.
  2. Forced draft, centrifugal fan, fan enclosure and drive system designed to operate at lower sound levels, making indoor installation possible.
  3. Compact user-friendly design ideal for smaller applications from 25 to 269 nominal tons.
  4. Stainless steel water basin and suction strainers provide corrosion protection.
  5. End-mounted recirculating pump
    makes maintenance easy as access is free and unobstructed.
  6. Totally enclosed motors assure longer equipment life without motor failures.
  7. TEFC fan motors mounted for easy access for maintenance  to adjust belt tension, lubricate motor.
  8. First stage inlet sound attenuation minimizes noise.
  9. Heavy gauge hot drip galvanized steel construction assures long operating life.
  10. Totally enclosed fan and pump motors with minimum 1.15 service factor.
  11. Condensing coils utilizing counterflow heat transfer offer maximum heat transfer efficiency.
  12. PVC air inlet louvers eliminate splash out and reduce potential for algae formation.
  13. Condenser fans on the EFC Series are forward-curved centrifugal design with hot-dip galvanized steel construction.
  14. All fans are mounted in a hot-dip galvanized steel housing and are statically and dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free operation.
  15. Water per minute over every square foot of coil face area to maximize heat transfer and minimize scaling.
  16. Threaded into the water distribution system to ensure correct positioning , the EFC Series employs the largest non-clog water diffusers available and are made of non-corrosive ABS plastic.
  17. Distributor pipes are non-corrosive PVC.
  18. Designed using a modular concept to minimize rigging, piping and support costs.
Employing a forced-draft centrifugal design, the EFC Series is quiet and can easily be hidden.
With its closed-circuit design, the EFC Series Evaporative Fluid Cooler prevents scaling, corrosion and sludge formation. In a closed-circuit system, water is cooled  inside a coil and does not come in contact with the recirculated spray water or air flowing through the unit. This design approach virtually eliminates down time due to scaling, water contamination and sludge formation.

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