CTS Series Closed-Loop Cooling Tower


Common standby or individual standby pumps.
Type 304 stainless steel tank.
Temperature, pressure, flow and water level alarms.
Tower supports, hand rail & ladder.
SGF Series Sand and Gravel Filter.

Technical Specification

Premium System Protection

Custom-engineered for each applicationCooling Technology’s CTS-CL Series Closed-Loop Cooling Tower System is far and away the safest method of process cooling. Because the CTS-CL Series completely isolates process water from the tower water, process equipment is completely protected from contamination.


  1. Induced draft, cross flow type Cooling Tower Cell  that is factory assembled and typically designed to cool 3 gpm of water per ton from 95°F to 85°F at the prevailing summer wet bulb conditions.
  2. An integrated fan cylinder and distribution basin on the top and a single piece collection basin on the bottom.  Both are constructed of industrial grade rotomolded polyethylene.
  3. Pump/tank station has fully trimmed process pump and can also include a tower water recirculation pump.  The tank is constructed of carbon or stainless steel and includes cover, site glass, drain and overflow.
  4. NEMA rated electrical control panel mounted on the pump /tank that contains all fuses, overloads, contactors, switches and lights.
  5. Electronic temperature controller controls the fan motor to maintain water temperatures.
  6. A high efficiency plate and frame heat exchanger creates separate water loops for “dirty” tower water and “clean” process water.  The unit has Type 304 stainless steel plates The single-pass flow design offers excellent heat transfer with a low-pressure drop.  When the frame compression bolts are removed, the end frame slides away for easy inspection and cleaning.

Typical Layout

Like our CTS Series Cooling Systems, the CTS-CL Series consists of our PCT, NCT, or ACT Series Cooling Tower Cell along with our WT Series Pump/Tank Station and all the necessary piping and controls. Additionally, the CTS-CL incorporates a a plate and frame heat exchanger—a device that transfers heat energy from one fluid to another fluid without mixing the two.
Although the CTS-CL requires a greater initial investment than traditional cooling tower systems, up to 30% lower energy costs means lower total cost of ownership.

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