CTS Series Filtration


Pressure Differential Alarm continually monitors the inlet and outlet system pressure. When the filter screen becomes clogged, the pressure differential switch-gauge will trigger audio and visual signals.
Automatic Flush Timer ensures that the strainer is always flushed. By using a dirty water diaphragm valve and a timer-based valve controller, debris purging is automated. The timer controller is easy to use, water-resistant and can be powered with 9-volt batteries or AC power.

CTS Series Inline Stainless Steel Filter/Strainer


Water quality is critical to the successful operation of process cooling systems, which are prone to capturing solid particulate from the outdoor air during the evaporation and cooling process.


  1. Full-flow inline removal of suspended solids, 5F and larger.
  2. Connections from 2” to 10”
  3. Flow rates from 100 to 2,000 gpm. Higher flow rates by manifolding multiple units.
  4. Screen sizes from 16 to 200 mesh.
  5. The industry’s lowest pressure loss at less than 1 psi.
  6. Unique internal flow patterns that force heavy sediment downward and away from the screen into the large debris reservoir.
  7. Online flushing of debris removal by purging the flush port.
  8. Superior filtering with significantly more surface area than most traditional basket and Y strainers.
  9. Non-corrosive stainless steel filter tank.
  10. Non-corrosive pump with strainer and non-ferrous piping

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