DFC Series Cooler


Control panel complete with motor contactors and fuses (per motor or per pair of motors), two to four stage aquastat, terminal block and control transformer. Primary voltage is (208-240V, 480V, 600V) and secondary voltage is (24V, 120V and 240V).

DFC Series Dry Type Fluid Coolers

Our DFC is a completely closed loop industrial grade dry type fluid cooler available from 10 to 130 tons for industrial, process cooling applications.  Cooling Technology’s Dry Type Fluid Coolers can be designed to meet virtually any heat load.  The DFC line comes iwth a 30% ethylene glycol mixture.


  1. Coils are manufactured using seamless, deoxidized, heavy wall, smooth copper tubes. They are mechanically expanded in self-spaced, full-collared aluminum corrugated plate fins for permanent bond and brazed with high-temperature brazing alloy. The coil is factory leak-tested at 400 psig. All tube sheets are provided with oversized holes and tubes are supported in sliding tracks for friction-free assembly and maximum reliability.
  2. Headers are made with seamless copper tubes and connections are made with pipe-threaded seamless red brass pipe. Headers include ½” NPT drain and vent.
  3. Casings are heavy-gauge galvanized steel G90 with plated hardware for corrosion-free assembly. The cabinet is sectionalized with individual fan chambers and the unit is a bolted construction. Coil is independent of fan section. All models include side access panels for easy coil inspection and cleaning.
  4. Fan guards and motor mounts are welded wire construction for full protection from moving parts. Baked on power epoxy coating provides corrosion protection.
  5. Fans are aluminum blades riveted to a steel hub. They are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth and vibration-free operation.
  6. Fan Motors feature permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings and inherent thermal protection for long life and dependable service.
  7. All motors are wired to a weather resistant box. The unit is provided with terminal blocks for easy field installation. Terminals are clearly identified to match wiring diagram supplied with the unit. Motors are wired using flexible cord type SOW 90°C (194°F) #16 AWG and they are terminated with liquid tight straight-through fittings.
The DFC Series is a completely sealed system, requiring no make-up water or expensive chemical treatment. A closed-circuit design conserves both water and energy, and is environmentally friendly.
Sized specifically to the customer’s site and cooling requirements, the DFC Series effectively eliminates scaling and corrosion, reduces city water, water treatment and sewage costs and is suitable for indoor or outdoor location.

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