CCW Series Chiller


Remote pump/tank
Standby pump
Automatic water make-up
Low water level alarm
High temperature alarm
Low temperature alarm
Special color paint
Factory start-up
Yearly maintenance package
Spare parts kits

Central Water-Cooled Chiller from 20 to 400 Tons

Cooling Technology’s Central Water Cooled Chiller is designed for either indoor or outdoor locations.  The CCW line features a screw compressor (CCW-40 semi-hermetic reciprocating) and a shell and tube evaporator and condenser.  Its compact design and open frame reduces floor space requirements.  The model is designed for use with a remote pump/tank station.  Our CCW line of chillers is available in 40 to 140 ton capacities.


  1. High efficiency screw compressor
  2. Infinite capacity control to 25%
  3. Cleanable shell and tube condenser and evaporator
  4. Condenser water regulating valve
  5. Compact design
  6. Insulated refrigerant piping
  7. MCS Microprocessor controller
  8. Nema 4 electrical conctrols
  9. Designed for ease of accessiblity to componenets
  10. Full array of safeties and i ndicating lights
  11. Safeties: high/low refrigerant pressure cut-off, flow switch, freeze stat, low oil pressure cut off
  12. Lifting eyes on base frame for ease of lifting to high elevations.
Cooling Technology’s easy-to-use standard microprocessor controller offers a wide setpoint temperature range, from -58°F to 194°F.
All Cooling Technology water piping is manufactured with non-ferrous material to ensure clean process water and a corrosion-free environment. Completely insulated with closed cell foam, our design approach conserves energy.
Cooling Technology’s standard safety mechanisms include a high refrigerant pressure relief valve, automatic high and low refrigerant pressure cut-off, and—on the process side—low flow cut-off and freeze protection.
From the best available compressors to our NEMA 4 electrical panels and everything in between, Cooling Technology systems are constructed with quality.
All Cooling Technology chillers are fully-wired, fully-charged, and factory tested under load conditions to ensure easy installation and successful start-up.

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