WT Series Pump/Tank Station


To protect equipment, Cooling Technology recommends adding our SGF Series Sand and Gravel Filter, which offers sidestream removal of suspended solids, 10F and larger.
Other WT Series options include:
Separate recirculation pump
Common or individual standby pumps
Automatic switchover pump controls
Customer-specified location of control panel
Separate chill water and process water reservoirs for our PCTS-CL Series Closed-Loop Cooling System

WT Series Pump/Tank Station

Our Water Tank designs range from 150 to 5,000 gallons+ and are offered in carbon steel, stainless steel or MDPE Medium Density PolyEthylene. The WT series tanks aer custom designed with or without a baffle and sized to accomodate a variety of pump configurations. SEveral option scan be added to the tank for ease of operation.


All WT Series Pump/Tank Station components are mounted to a heavy-gauge solid deck.


  1. Available in 1/4” Carbon or 3/16” Stainless Steel plates or MDPE Medium Density PolyEthylene.
  2. Internal coal tar epoxy coating.  Polyurea Polycoat is available as an option for the carbon steel tanks. 
  3. NEMA-rated control panel to synchronize pump and tank services.
  4. Pump motor with electrical contactor and overload that includes start & stop buttons, fuses and pilot lights.
  5. Closed-coupled process pump including full-flow valves and headers reduce pressure drop and sized to assure laminar flow.
  6. To ensure total water turnover, pump suction ends are extended into the tank and are cut at a 45° angle to prevent vortexing and cavitation.
  7. butterfly valve at the pump suction permits pump removal for replacement or service without the need to drain or stop the entire system.
  8. flow-balancing valve at the pump discharge completes the trim to provide pump operation at the design rate of flow.
  9. Process pumps also include check valve in the discharge line to prevent drain back and allow higher operating volume as well as a liquid-filled pressure gauge to indicate pump discharge pressure.
  10. Cooling Technology’s unique bottom drain with ball valve minimizes solids and allows full drainage.
Customized For Application and Location
  1. Cooling Technology’s WT Series Pump/Tank Stations are available in on-the-ground or —  to conserve floor space — elevated models, which are available with safety rails and ladder.
  2. Chill water tanks are fully insulated with ½” closed-cell foam insulation on the walls and bottom.
  3. For outdoor location, the WT  Series includes heater, TEFC pump motors and NEMA 4 enclosure.

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