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About Our Cooling Systems

A Traditional Tower System Cooling Technology’s Open Loop Cooling Tower System is an open-loop system that provides for good heat transfer and stable plant operation. Premium System Protection Custom-engineered for each applicationCooling Technology’s Closed Loop Cooling Tower System is far and away the safest method of process cooling. Because the CTS-CL Series completely isolates process water from the tower water, process equipment is completely protected from contamination.
A Completely Sealed System Custom-engineered for each application, Cooling Technology’s DFCS Series Dry Type Fluid Cooling System consists of our AFCS Series Dry Type Fluid Cooler along with our WT Series Pump/Tank Station and all the necessary piping and controls. Quiet Operation The EFCS Series Evaporative Fluid Cooling System  is ideal for installations where quiet operation is required such as for indoor installations, residential neighborhoods and when the unit must handle external static pressure.
Please find below Cooling Systems available

DFCS Series

Dry Type Fluid, Cooling System

EFCS Series

Evaporative Fluid, Cooling System