Evaporative Cooling Towers

Evaporative Cooling Towers

An evaporative cooling tower provides cooling based on a design wet bulb temperature. Evaporative cooling towers typically cool water to approximately 85° F, but may cool as low as 65°F.  They are the most economical approach to cool large amounts of water.  Evaporative cooling towers typically use a fan motor so a minimum of energy is used, making this one of the most energy – efficient methods of cooling systems. Learn the basics of a cooling tower.
Evaporative Cooling Towers allow a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream which will provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream.  One principle of evaporative cooling includes energy being required for water to evaporate.  The evaporating water absorbs heat energy from the remaining water and lowers its temperature.  The air must be able to absorb water and not be too saturated for evaporation to occur.  The higher the level of humidity, the less the air is able to absorb water, and the less cooling effect is done.  Contact Cooling Technology and one of our technical engineers will be happy to design one to meet your custom needs.

Evaporative Cooling is used primarily for cooling the following items:

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Air Compressors
  • Chiller Condensers
  • Mold Temperature Controllers

Some of the primary industries for evaporative cooling towers include …

Short Pay Back Period:  Evaporative cooling towers consume 40-60% less energy than air cooled chillers.

  • Reduced Field Costs:  With single point wiring and factory testing, evaporative cooling towers provide reduced field costs.  Evaporative cooling towers from Cooling Technology, Inc come with an option for pump and tank.
  • Design Flexibility:  At Cooling Technology, Inc., we may design these to be stacked or split into two sections, and for indoor or outdoor locations.
  • Custom Systems:  When the standard is close, but not perfect, our technical engineers are readily able to assist you in designing a system that perfectly meets your needs, be it space constraints, integrated pump/tanks, chemical feed systems, or free cooling options, among others.
  • Quiet Operation:  Evaporative cooling towers operate at levels less than 50 dBA.
  • Ease of Use:  CTI’s evaporative cooling towers offer a controller with a single function keypad with display in “simple” nontechnical terms. 
  • Windows- Based Control:  This control system provides a complete status, history, trending, and dynamic graphing.
  • Remote Communication Capabilities:  Remote connections are options on CTI Evaporate Cooling Towers through RS-232/485 ports, Ethernet or modem to BMS, the factory or preferred service agents.
The components of an evaporative cooling tower are the same as found in a cooling tower. For more information, you may contact Cooling Technology, Inc and we will be happy to assist you.
At Cooling Technology, Inc., we recommend your cooling tower be cleaned at least once every two years.  Please contact a cooling technology representative to learn more about our maintenance packages for your cooling tower needs.